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async Task<PartialViewResult> Func() not working

Sep 7, 2014 at 8:04 PM
I have some partial views, which call external resources and thus are implemented as returning "async Task<PartialViewResult>".

What I try to do is fx.: @Url.Action(MVC.Home.Test()), but this seems to fail because of the missing 0 argument overload of Test(). Is there something I have overlooked or isn't this posible atm.? Is there a reason or just lack of man hours? :)

(I can ofc. easily change the function to ActionResult and have it working, but I have some internal URL history functionality, which automatically skips everything returning PartialViewResult...)

Example functions from new project:
    public async Task<PartialViewResult> Test(int id, string t)
        return PartialView();