T4MVCVB: Type names invalid in projects with a dot in name

If the project has a dot in the name (Ex. Portal.UI), then everything generated by the template will only use the latter half (Ex "Portal.UI.SomeController" would be "UI.SomeController") and be un...

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T4MVCExtensions TypeLoadException upon upgrading to 3.9.1

I recently upgraded T4MVC from 2.9.0 to 3.9.1 using NuGet in our ASP.NET MVC 3 project (running .NET 4.5.2). The problem is that it appears that whenever an extension method from the T4MVCExtension...

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Errors in T4MVC.tt.hooks.t4

I'm running ReSharper 8.1 with the ForTea extension added for T4 syntax highlighting. If I open the T4MVC.tt.hooks.T4 file in an editor, there are two errors showing. Because this is essentially an...

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Visual Basic code does not compile with Strict On

The code generated for Visual Basic does not compile if Option Sctrict is On.

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System.InvalidCastException when "Publishing" site to Azure.

ASP.Net MVC 5 project with the latest T4MVC bits. This is similar but not the same as http://t4mvc.codeplex.com/workitem/35. Though the error could be misleading, I was not sure who to turn to. ...

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Cannot perform runtime binding on a null reference

Hello, I have the following code in a MVC 5 view and using T4MVC 3.9.0: <a href="@Url.Action(MVC.Home.Index())"> <img src="@Url.Content("~/assets/logo.png")" data-at2x="@Url.Content("~/assets/lo...

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Running the custom tool breaks Visual Studio intellisense/parsing

When you right click the TVMVC.tt and choose "run custom tool" to regenerate the code at some point it crashes Visual Studios intellisense/parsing. This occurs usually after 3 times of running t...

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URLs for 'no-area actions' are correct but 'area actions' are missing part of the site root URL

Here's an example of two statements in the same view: '@(Url.JavaScriptReplacableUrl(MVC.Help.HideHelpTextMessages()))', ... postUrl: '@(Url.JavaScriptReplacableUrl(MVC.Transactions.BatchItems.Upda...

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A parameter is mysteriously appended to url on root of application

All of a sudden today I'm getting an "Area" appended to the query string on the root of my application. It doesn't show up outside of the root. Asp.Net MVC 5 using attribute routing. No default ro...

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“anonymous type” parameter in T4MVC Actionresult

I have an action result defined this way : public virtual JsonResult Created(string tableName, object where) { ....some code } I am using T4MVC and I am trying to call the action result like t...

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