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Running the custom tool breaks Visual Studio intellisense/parsing


When you right click the and choose "run custom tool" to regenerate the code at some point it crashes Visual Studios intellisense/parsing.

This occurs usually after 3 times of running the tool in Visual Studio 2012. I've recently moved to Visual Studio 2013 and it can happen even after one time. The only solution is to shut down VS and restart it.

Is there a log I can look at to debug why this is happening?


My plugins:
Nuget 2.7.41101.371
GhostDoc 4.9 free edition
Tabs Studio 1.0.6
AttachTo 1.0.1
Devexpress CodeRush 13.2.7
Mindscape Web Workbench 3.2.972.22809
Visual Studio Color Theme Editor 3.1
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davidebbo wrote Mar 14, 2014 at 3:41 PM

I have not seen this. It may be interesting to try isolating whether there are bad interactions with some plugins. e.g. start by yanking them all and bring them back one by one till you find the one.

Note that all T4MVC is doing is call the supported VS object model, so in theory it should not be harmful.