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Overridden action with addition of NonAction attribute causes compilation error


In my project I have a shared base controller with some action methods defined. In a derived controller I override one of these action methods and add the NonAction attribute. I do this so I can redefine the action with additional parameters.

This causes a compilation in T4MVC however, as a duplicate method is generated leading to the following error:
"Type 'MvcApplication2.Controllers.HomeController' already defines a member called 'Index' with the same parameter types"

The attached file contains two controllers; BaseController contains the action method to overridden and redefined as a non action, and HomeController derives from BaseController and overrides and redefines the base Index action. Please add these to a new MVC project with T4MVC to reproduce the issue.

I would really like to start using T4MVC but this issue is unfortunately preventing me from doing so.

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