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Here are a few awesome tweets from the T4MVC community…


"Can't imagine the mess I'd be in without #T4MVC" @StevieMAtHome 17 May 2013

“I fell in love with T4MVC.. why haven't I used it before? I fell like I missed something.” @rafek 27 Jan 2013

“Why have I never looked at T4MVC before?” @philpursglove 21 Jan 2013

“Just discovered T4MVC and started putting it to use. It's freeking phenomenal.” @ardave2002 29 Aug 2012

“Just discovered T4MVC, pretty amazing and I cannot fathom why it's not built into MVC” @backpackhasjetz 25 Jul 2012

“If your using mvc 3 or 4 please please check out T4MVC its on Nuget and is flippin awesome!” @gsuttie 25 May 2012

“How did I develop MVC apps before T4MVC?” @marcandrewb 26 Apr 2012

“Just discovered T4MVC by @davidebbo #how-did-I-live-without-this” @chrispaynter 8 Apr 2012

“@gsuttie Never mind bang for your buck, T4MVC is a sonic boom for a few cents.” @steviehailey 10 Jan 2012

“I rarely agree with code-gen anywhere, but the typed API generated by T4MVC for your projects resources is a win!” @demisbellot 6 Oct 2011

“@kevinmontrose @samsaffron We're using T4MVC on the Careers side. One thing it does is make all View paths explicit and strongly-typed.” @clipperhouse 6 Oct 2011

“Omg. T4MVC. Why hasn't this come up more often in MVC discussions?” @Jimmy_Byrd 19 Jul 2011

“I <3 #T4MVC!” @long2know 13 Jul 2011

“@bvrhovnik @rok_b Yeah, it does. And T4MVC has immediate benefits with almost no learning curve :)” @studiopesec 1 Jul 2011

“#MVC3 developers: NuGet @davidebbo's #T4MVC before you write another magicified string!!” @vinneyk 30 Jun 2011

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